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Communication Services

Improving Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

Successful executives have the ability to see themselves as others see them. This perspective is crucial to effective interpersonal communications and presentations. To build strong brands and reputations, organizations must have the same ability. A key factor is consistency.


The Strickland Group’s Methods

  1. For both individuals and organizations, understand what you’re communicating; what the others are hearing; why the two are often different and what to do to reconcile the two.
  2. Survey the audience and assess the effectiveness of formal and informal organizational programs.
  3. Build enthusiastic, emotional support for the organization through internal branding.
  4. All interpersonal communications coaching uses video immersion to reinforce each and every session. The videotapes become the personal property of the person being coached and are valuable tools for future reference and reexamination.
  5. Discover hidden agendas in both personal and organizational communication. How to eliminate or manage them.
  6. Build enthusiastic, emotional support for the organization through internal branding.
  7. The key: LISTEN.


The Benefits of Presentation/Communications Coaching

  1. Maximize the communication impact of senior executives, high-potential performers, and key contributors.
  2. Ensure an exact fit between a presentation style, the audience, and the message through one-on-one focus.
  3. Identify and resolve potential presentation issues before they become problems.
  4. Synchronize personal attributes with the presentation goal of the organization.
  5. Provide numerous opportunities to test the delivery before giving the presentation.


Corporate Success Is Built On Open Communications

The Strickland Group designs, develops and executes strategic and tactical communications programs for individuals, teams and organizations.

Individual skills and efforts must be part of a solid communications strategy to benefit the entire organization. Our strategic consulting services evaluate current communications efforts so that corporations get full value from their investments.

We help companies build communications departments that are focused on the financial benefits of strong brands and reputations through aggressive and open communications.

  • Survey Internal and External Audiences
  • Assess Program Effectiveness
  • Branding-Create the Voice, Support the Strategy
  • Internal Branding-Build Enthusiastic, Emotional Support
  • Investor Relations-Communicate with Shareholders and The Street
  • Media Relations-Crisis/Emergency Planning and Response
  • Preparing for Media Interviews
  • Issues Identification, Management, Response
  • Corporate Ethics-Building a Culture
  • Executive Speaking Programs
  • Speech Writing and Preparation


Custom-Designed Executive Communication Services

The Strickland Group tailors its programs to match personal needs and styles.

Executive Presence

Communication style: the look, the voice, the message

Managing the Message

Evaluating and troubleshooting the presentation

Power Presenting

Preparing for a specific presentation: the venue, the audience, the desired result

Becoming the Best

Four non-consecutive, half-day sessions for individuals or teams. Preparing and presenting for desired results. Includes research and preparation, writing, creating supporting materials, delivering, responding to questions.

Presentation Design

Producing PowerPoint or other graphic or video support materials that support, not distract.

Business Voice International

Comprehensive programs to guide international executives in foreign cultures and business practices. For executives coming to the U.S. and Americans moving to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America or Australia. Includes speech coaching, cultural awareness and executive presence.

  • Business protocol
  • Working in a multicultural environment
  • Business and personal ethics
  •  Gender awareness
  • Life styles, traditions and popular culture
  • Speech and accent reduction and adaptation
  • Business presentations
  • Executive presence

Emergency Response and Crisis Communication

We coach executives and managers on how to respond to the media, employees and other stakeholders during a crisis or emergency situation. Communicating openly but staying on message is critical to minimizing the long-term impact on the corporation.

The Strickland Group prepares individuals and instills confidence so that executives are prepared to handle the most stressful situations.

  • Preparing ssues management programs to identify potential crisis situations
  • Formulating the emergency response plan
  • Communicating the emergency response plan
  • Training through simulation
  • How to respond to various public, e.g. the press, customers, neighbors, government officials

Lights, Camera, Action

  • Coaching and preparation for all
  • Television/radio interviews and appearances
  • Video production
  • Teleconferencing