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About Us


  Kathleen G. Strickland, Founder and Chairman 

"In addition to bringing clarity to the complex dynamic between corporate expectations and individual performance and aspirations, my aim is to be able to help individuals see themselves as leaders, to build on their existing leadership skills, and to embrace the level of ability, responsibility, and accountability they have within an organization -- and within their lives. By doing this, I'm aiding executives to forge careers, and to live lives, of authenticity, achievement, and fulfillment -- often beyond their highest expectations."

The Strickland Group was founded in 1989 on Kathy Strickland's belief that increased personal awareness can dramatically expand both leadership potential and executive effectiveness. The firm initially offered customized services to senior executives in the areas of executive coaching, traditional career management, outplacement, and job-transition consulting, but soon grew to offer more extensive executive coaching and integrated communications training.

Today, as both consultant and coach, Kathy's unique talent is assisting executives to "relax into their competence" by increasing their awareness of how they are perceived by others -- and then helping to translate this knowledge into effective behavior in terms of leadership, management, and communication. This innovative perspective has helped propel Kathy specifically, and The Strickland Group in general, to global recognition in executive coaching.

Kathy is dedicated to carefully matching corporate and individual aspirations, the better to maximize senior-management effectiveness. To both leaders and teams, she brings a particular understanding of the importance of "executive relationships" in surmounting leadership challenges. Her conviction is that lasting change starts at the top level. In recent years, Kathy's experiences in coaching global corporations and their executives has expanded her ability to contribute substantially to the well-being of global and multinational companies. Because of this expanding world perspective, Kathy has served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Career Management Firms International, and is a founding member and board member of Global Coaching Partners, with membership in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. She held an ownership position, and helped develop The Change Partners, a coaching firm in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kathleen now maintains an active coaching practice that serves New York, Connecticut and Europe. Communication services as required and requested.



  Joseph Strickland, Consultant  

“The Strickland Group understands that communication skills are central to executive success.  Our approach enables people to see themselves as others see them, and this perspective plays a significant role in advancing an executive’s interpersonal communication and presentation effectiveness.  The opportunities I have for guiding people as they discover vital, intelligent ways to more effectively present their ideas, and themselves, brings me great professional and personal fulfillment.

Joseph Strickland is a Communications Consultant skilled in quickly identifying individual developmental needs, within the context of specific situational demands and desired organizational outcomes.  He works with senior executives, high potentials, and key contributors to improve their unique interpersonal and public speaking styles, while furthering the organization’s competitive edge.  Targeting subtle and distinct communications characteristics, Joseph provides tactical and strategic solutions that enable individuals to recognize key strengths, overcome weaknesses and challenges, and ultimately develop communications confidence and competence.  Specific areas of focus include individual and group presentations; attention to the influence of personality and cultural factors in one’s communication style; presentation model building; content development and logic; understanding audience expectations; clarity and brevity in delivery of message.

As an Organizational Culture Specialist, Joseph has a demonstrated ability to successfully motivate individuals and groups in pursuing professional development, standards of excellence, and personal growth.  He was formerly the Director of Training & Organizational Effectiveness for The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park. He served as liaison to all levels of the organization, and his training efforts acted as a conduit for: upholding The Ritz-Carlton philosophy, creating higher levels of self-esteem and confidence, discovering natural talents, developing employees and leaders, maintaining Five Star and Five Diamond service ratings, and ultimately achieving product and profit dominance. Joseph was a Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Certified Speaker, delivering Keynote Presentations on The Ritz-Carlton’s Best Practices to organizations from all industries, both domestically and internationally.

 Joseph began his career with Smith Barney on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He later joined Hyatt Hotels for Operations Management. He then progressed with Westin Hotels focusing on Operations and Total Quality Management initiatives. Joseph next moved to The New York Palace, serving as Training Manager, running two- and three- day seminars on the topics of Service Excellence and Elements of Five Star Service. Noticed by hotel executives, he was selected to serve as Group Specialist for the Royal Family of Brunei, coordinating all security, transportation, food & beverage, and entertainment needs, as well as training resident staffs on Royal Family etiquette, protocol, and personal deportment. 

Joseph holds an Undergraduate Degree in Communications and Organizational Behavior from The University of Maryland. He has been an Instructor at New York University, teaching Business Deportment to business leaders and industry specialists, and is professionally certified through Development Dimensions International, Franklin Covey, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, and Talent+. Joseph is a former High School Wrestling Coach, and current member of Kingsway Boxing Club.